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Volume Two

Hello everyone,

First off, I want to say thank you for all of the special birthday messages and fan art. And thank you to the Paingravy discord members for the pictures of cute dogs and forbidden pizzas. You guys really know how to make me feel appreciated.

Super-duper thanks to the following awesome individuals for supporting my worrisome coffee addiction:



Virginia Blaisdell





Bishop Toci

Landon Reichelt

Next up, the big announcement: Volume Two has an official release date, and it's August 9th, 2019... FOUR DAYS FROM NOW!

That's right. This Friday. Another special thank you to the Paingravy discord for stopping me in time before I accidentally released the book on Thursday. I had no idea 08/08 was already a "holiday." (Don't Google it. In fact, forget I even mentioned it.)


I've been getting asked a lot of questions about the second Volume, so I decided to put together a quick FAQ. I'm also going to try to answer any other questions you guys may have in the comments.

What formats is the book available for preorder?

Right now, the book is only available for preorder in Kindle e-book and paperback from (the US page only, for now).

Friday, it will become available on all e-book platforms.

Will it be available in hardback?

Just like Volume One, there will be a hardcover release of Volume Two, but it likely won't be available for another couple weeks.

Will it be available in [Country]?

Friday, the book will be available to ship to anywhere that Amazon services. (We're still trying to find a more convenient workaround to get it into Australia)

Will the audiobook come out shortly thereafter?

Hopefully! Mr. CreepyPasta will be returning to narrate this book! He's already started working on the audio, and we are going to be working closely together to make sure it's as good as it can be. Neither of us want to rush it, but we'll get it out as soon as possible.

Will you be selling signed copies? If so, when?

Yes! I will be selling a batch of signed copies later this month. For technical reasons I don't want to get into, I won't be able to get any copies for myself until after the book goes live on Friday, so I'll have to wait until the order comes in before I can offer author-signed copies. I'll make an announcement ahead of time when I know, but expect the signed versions to be available towards the end of August.

What does this story cover? Does it contain new material?

Volume Two will cover some story arcs that followers of my blog recognize, but it will be mostly new material. This book is about 90% brand-new never-before-revealed stuff. Some long-lingering questions will be answered. Some long-lingering answers will be questioned.

In terms of the posted timeline, Volume Two picks up right where Volume One ended (shortly after the "Dark God" story arc), and follows the events at the gas station leading up to and after the "Merry Christmas" story arc.

When will you be releasing new reddit material?

Pretty soon, actually.


Any other questions? Feel free to ask and I'll try to answer honestly. (For real this time.)

Thanks for reading.

I love you.



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Kimberly Kamienska-Hodge

Omg. I clicked on something else to click on. Best thing ever!


LE Spencer
LE Spencer

Did anyone else notice when he mentioned the almost execution of his nemesis and states that “he turned into a human pez-d-Spencer?”



The joke is on you, Jack! I actually like that song!



And my second question Jack is "Do you know why you are here?"



Hey Jack did you shoot Tony?

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