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Over the past year or so, plenty of extremely talented narrators and voice actors have lent their time and abilities to the world of the Gas Station. The list below is by no means inclusive; however, I've attempted to include those narrators who are currently (or very recently) performing readings of the Gas Station chronicles on their respective pages.


Mr Creepy Pasta is a horror narrator legend from the depths of Youtube. He is also the voice of creepy pasta storytime, a collection of terrifying stories that are brought to life by MrCreepyPasta! These Horror stories are posted Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Gaming Livestreams on the Weekend. 
Be warned, these stories feature mature themes such as horror, murderer, death and the occult. Viewer Discretion is Advised.



The aptly named "Creepy" is a weekly podcast bringing some of the internet's most famous and infamous stories to life. The Creepy podcast goes all out, using original music, sound effects, and guest narrators to create an almost cinematic experience. 


Burrowing Bird

Burrowing Bird is a newcomer to the narrating game. Not much is known about him other than the fact that Eric Riggin chose him to deliver the rest of his story to the world. That, and he has resting noir voice.


The Dark Somnium

The Dark Somnium is a Voice Actor, Composer, Sound Designer and Graphic Designer. On Youtube, he narrates Horror Stories, Nosleep Stories and other Creepypastas, including the Dark God series of Tales from the Gas Station.

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