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Otherworldly visitors, mutant raccoons, dark gods, and a bathroom cowboy. This is a blog about the workers at a 24 hour gas station at the edge of a small town and the strange and bizarre events that happen there.


Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet! This is the place where I come after (and sometimes during) my shifts at the shitty gas station at the edge of my small town.

I first started this blog in October of 2017, and have been attempting to document the bizarre, fantastical, and sometimes unbelievable people and things that come through my doors.

This blog first began as a collection of stories on the wonderful subreddit nosleep. Being afflicted with an inability to sleep, I stumbled across the community thinking that it was for fellow haunted insomniacs. After a few months of reading their wonderful and bizarre stories, I realized that it was actually just a community for authors and readers to share scary stories (some true and some not so true).

My first autobiographical post gathered enough attention to become its own creepy pasta, with an incredible (ongoing) Youtube narration by MrCreepyPasta.

It also gathered enough attention to cause the city council to start making both subtle and overt threats including but not limited to: cease-and-desists, severed horse heads, and several assassination attempts. For this reason, I have decided not to answer any questions regarding the exact whereabouts of my town or place of employment.

On that note, to all of the fans that keep mailing me weapons and dildos, I already have enough of both. Please stop.


One last thing, on Halloween of 2018, I released the first publication of my tales on Amazon. It would be awesome if you went and checked it out.

Thank you, and please don't touch the gnomes with the green hats.


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