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A very special Halloween Kaidan

Hey y'all. Happy Halloween!

First, the bad news - we did not get enough submissions to fill out a Kaidan video this year. There were a few very good submissions, and we are very grateful to everyone who shared their stories with us. We had a blast listening to them, but even with all of the stories put together, there just wasn't enough. I take the blame for not opening submissions until about a week ago. (My bad, it's been a really busy month.)

And now, the good news - Andrew (from the Snake's Paw) went ALL OUT and created something insanely incredible. He interviewed those of us who were there at our first Kaidan, and put together The Snake's Paw's very first (completely true) documentary.

This story is a very personal memory of my favorite Halloween ever. Also in this documentary, some details about our collective childhood growing up as friends in a small haunted town. I don't want to spoil anything, but if you want something to help get yourself into the spookity mood today (or just, ya know, feel good and laugh), head over to The Snake's Paw and give it a listen.

Also, the winner of the drawing for a free book has been selected, so if you submitted something, check your email.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat all the candy now.

Love y'all,



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