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Seven Reasons to attend Hauntfest this April

Updated: Feb 2

Hey y'all!

Sorry I've been radio silent since the release of my last audiobook. However, I've been quietly doing lots of stuff behind the scenes, and I hope I'll be able to share all of it with you soon. But for now, here's what I can share:

The Snake's Paw Podcast, in collaboration with Mr. CreepyPasta and The Dark Somnium, just released the first episode of the second season of Starship Mudskipper--the zany sci-fi radio play series I started a couple years ago.

On top of that, the second instalment in the Code Green comic book (back in stock shortly) is in post and should be out soon.

As should the second audiobook in the CreepyPod-led full theatrical editions of Tales from the Gas Station. (The cast for this one is wayyy bigger than the first book!)

Lastly, I've been making some progress on a new novel. I don't want to say too much about it just yet, but it might end up being my favorite thing I've ever written.

With all those updates out of the way, I have one more announcement to make: I'll be making a rare public appearance at this year's Hauntfest in Athen's Georgia!

So, what is HauntFest?

In their own words, HauntFest is a haunt/horror/Halloween festival celebrating the horror arts through live music, art vendors, themed entertainment, and activities. Perfect for oddity lovers and Halloween enthusiasts.

Now you may be wondering if HauntFest is worth attending. That's fair. I'm not here to pressure you, and I'm not sponsored or anything like that, but here are a few reasons you might want to save the date:

1. Weird people selling weird stuff

I mean, honestly, who doesn't like weird stuff? In fact, one of the weird vendors at this festival will be me, hocking my books.

There will also be other authors and artists of the horror-persuasion. Along with purveyors of oddities. According to the Hauntfest page, they will have everything from "wet specimens to prosthetic legs."

Pictured: An oddity.

There will also be performances and live music throughout. Oh, plus the Georgia reptile society will be bringing live snakes to play with, and the COFAS Athens Cat program will be bringing live kittens to play with... and I cannot imagine any scenario where that could lead to anything horrible happening... (but if something bad does happen, it will be your fault if you don't come)

2. Halloween in April

If you're anything like me, you probably love Halloween. It's the best holiday. It's the best season. And now, we can have it twice a year.

Couple's goals
This is what came up when I did a stock-image search for "Halloween" and I love it

At HauntFest, there will be trick-or-treating for the kiddos (including the kiddos at heart). Costumes are not only allowed, but encouraged. And when night falls, the event will shift into spooky-mode. Speaking of which:

3. Monsters!

One of the special events this year will be something called the "Release of the Ghouls." It's a lot like the running of the bulls in Spain, only it's with monsters, and you can opt out if you're not feeling it.

Pictured: A monster that respects your boundaries

"At 6 PM both nights, HauntFest's psychos, monsters, and freaks will be released into the crowd with a thirst for blood... We hope you survive the night, but the ghouls are eager to m(eat) you. If you are a fraidy cat, pick up a ghoul-gone glow necklace to keep the monsters at bay..."

4. Haunted Trail

Nothing bad ever happens on a haunted trail

I wish I could expand upon this, but I literally have no idea what it is. HauntFest is teasing that this year, there will be a haunted trail that is only accessible after 9pm. What does it do? What does it lead to? Are there snacks at the end of the road? I guess the only way to find out is to come to HauntFest and see for yourself.

5. Help a small business out

Look, there's no coy way to say it: HauntFest needs you. The event is relatively new. In fact, this is only their second year, but every great convention/festival/shindigarama had to start somewhere. The more people who show up to this thing, the bigger it will be next year. And honestly, we need more stuff like this in the world.

Hey, speaking of needing some more of something...

6. Bonfire!

S'mores! (Get it?) No, but seriously, I'll be making smores around the bonfire. There's also going to be ghost stories. Fellowship. Stuff burning. Probably no human sacrifices.

Definitely probably!

7. Beer?

Oh yeah, did I mention this thing takes place at a brewery?

They come in pints!

Well, technically, it's on the fair-grounds field next to the brewery, but there will be fresh beers galore, if you're into that kind of thing.

Freshly squeezed from homegrown Beer-berries

Actually, there will be more than just beer. There's going to be lots of food trucks. Plus all the Halloween candy you can steal from the trick-or-treaters.


Well, that's all I've got to say about HauntFest for now. If it sounds like something that's up your alley, and if you're able to make it to Athens, Georgia this April, come by and say "Hi." Maybe we can go and figure out what the haunted trail leads to.

Love y'all.




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Hey Jack! How was haunt fest?

Jack Townsend
Jack Townsend

It was awesome! Definitely gonna go back again next year if they'll have me.


Keena Million
Keena Million

Omg I'm so there. Ill be wearing some merch would it be rude to ask you to sign?

Beer. Cats in costumes. Yay



JACK YOU´RE BACK YAYYYYYYY, question, when will we ever get a newer tales from the gas station? aaaannnd i have one more question, whats rogers personality and looks based on? thanks!



I have been struggling to leave a coherent message, but my phone struggles to stay connected. So tl;dr version: why u make me wait so looong. I am too exciiiited.


Hey jack, been loving starship mudskipper just wondering what the release schedule is gonna be like for season 2?

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