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Tales: Volume Four Audiobook

Hey y'all.

Let me just say that this has been an intense journey for me. The fact that the final audiobook in the Mainline Tales from the Gas Station series is finally published (click here for the Audible link!) is only just now starting to sink in. And the book hangover for me is real.

I began crafting this story in 2017, which means I've spent a pretty significant chunk of my adult life living in this world, with these characters, with this town and its people and bizarre adventures. And I realize that many of you could say the same thing. The fact that so many other people have taken this journey alongside me has not gone overlooked. Even if I've never spoken with you directly, if you stuck with me through all of this--the ups and downs (both in and out of the story-world)--then we're pretty much family at this point.

Anyway, I don't mean to get too sappy or sentimental. I guess this is really just an appreciation post.

I could never have made it this far without my long-suffering support system--my friends, editors, proof-readers, and everyone else who kept me on the right track. To that end, very few people have been as intimately entangled in this world as the audiobook narrator (and one of my earliest encouragers) MrCreepyPasta.

Can you believe this is how I asked MCP to narrate my book?

This was back in 2018! We've come a long way since then. We had no idea how big and time-consuming this series was going to turn out to be. I have to say, MCP, thanks for putting up with all the crazy stuff I threw your way. Listening to you struggle every time I snuck in an esoteric French idiom was one of the highlights of this entire experience.

And thank you, dear readers. Without you, there would be no Tales from the Gas Station. Thank you for your time. And thank you for all the trust. I hope I can continue creating cool weird things for you to enjoy--maybe some more stuff from the gas station, maybe some new stuff from different places. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Okay, I'm off to finish the next episode of Starship Mudskipper. Love y'all.



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