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Update 9/9/2020

Hello friends (and others),

It's been a rough month, and a rough year. I don't need to list all the tragedies that have occurred. You've all felt them, and that's enough.

I just wanted to provide some good news for a change. For one thing, I'm planning to get back to my regular story-posting schedule (for those of you who are ko-fi supporters, you may have already gotten a sneak peek at some of the stuff I've been working on.)

Also, for those of you who are more artistically inclined (or just like to enjoy other people's art), I am currently running a fan art contest on the Tales from the Gas Station subreddit. Go check it out. Submit your art. Anyone can enter. There's no limit to how many entries you make, as long as the art you post is your own original creation. Upvote art you like! Tell the artists how awesome and bad-ass they are! (I'm forcing myself not to comment on anything so it doesn't manipulate the votes, so please go and comment for me.) More details here.

That's all for now. I know this update is much shorter than normal, but I hope to make it up to you soon.

Wakanda Forever,


P.S. - As long as you're here, would you mind taking a short survey? For science?

Click Here for mysterious survey.


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