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Theatrical Audiobook of TftGS:V1

Hi everyone!

Remember a little while back when I said I'd be announcing more cool stuff soon? Well, guess what?

Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One is now available as a full-theatrical release on Audible, ACX, and iTunes!

What does this mean? It means that several veterans of the creepy pasta community--actors from Creepy Pod and the NoSleep Podcast--have lent their voices and acting talent to a completely scored and expertly sound-designed audio adventure.

It's got music, effects, and even an Akyak with a British accent! (Ak-cent?)

Huge thanks to the cast and crew that helped bring this project together. You guys and gals have been amazing!

To be clear, this is the same story most of you have already read or heard (with some very minor changes here and there). But this will be the first time the story is told in such a cinematic manner.

If you close your eyes, you could convince yourself that you're watching a movie.

I know a lot of you may be wondering what this project means for the traditionally narrated series of audiobooks featuring Mr. CreepyPasta. Let me assure you that those audiobooks will remain available on the same platforms. Also, MCP and I are 100% fully committed to finishing Volume Four with his solo narration by October of this year.

I hope you all like this new take on the story.

Stay tuned, because I will have more stuff to announce "soon."



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