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Gas Station Status Report 10/01/19

Hey friends,

So apparently I'm still alive, which is pretty cool.

It's been a few weeks since my last update, and I thought I'd pop in and let everyone know what's been going on.

What's Jack up to these days?

Volume Three is still in progress, (alongside Volume Four) and nearing it's final stages of rewrites. Hopefully I'll have more to say on that soon.

The Volume Two audiobook is on its way soon! Mr. CreepyPasta has been working his butt off in preparations for his upcoming tour with CreepsMcPasta and Myuu, as well as the spookiest month of the year. Despite this tragic butt-loss, he's still bringing his A-game to the narration of the second book. As soon as we have an official release date available, I'll be posting it here, but if things go according to plan, this might be an extra spooky October...

Hey, speaking of the month, some of the amazingly talented members of the TftGS fandom are taking part in Inktober. I love seeing how other people envision the gas station and crew, and I adore the fan art that has come from this community, but as a rule I don't like to post anything on my page until I've gotten permission from the artist and how they'd like to be credited. Because I'm lazy, this means there is a lot of awesome artwork out there that I haven't added to my fan art collection, and I would love to correct that. If you have any original gas station art that you'd like to share, please head over to the fanart page and submit.

For Inktober, I've decided to make a special section of this website showcasing these talented individuals and their work.

Oh, and remember that secret project I alluded to a few months back? That's still happening, but I'm still not able to talk about it yet. Sorry for being vague, but who doesn't love a good mystery, right?

Lastly, I did something special this year. I actually took a little vacation. Road tripped all the way to New Orleans, LA to watch the ninth annual Nola Horror Film Festival. Got to take in sixty-four really good scary movies, and I have a lot of feelings about them, but this isn't that kind of blog so I'll save my opinions for if we ever meet in person. Strangely enough, out of everyone who attended, I was the only person to watch all sixty four films (one of the perks to not needing sleep, I guess), and I even won a t-shirt for it. Perhaps the craziest of all, Jerry was in charge of the gas station while I was away, and it didn't even burn down a little. This might be a good sign that I'll be able to start hitting up some more festivals and cons in the future...

Until next time.



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Dec 16, 2019

I am dying to get volume 3 (and then 4???) in the audiobook. MrCreepyPasta does the reading SO well. I never buy audiobooks and I have both of yours in audiobook. (In time I hope to get the physical copies as well.) Can’t wait to listen to part 3 dude. Try to stay alive until you finish them at least.


I just finished reading volume 2. Can’t wait for the audiobook


Oct 25, 2019

I'm currently reading through the beginning of your second book and Jack, with how much you work you must have a nice savings account.


Is Finding Vanessa canonical with the books?


Completely unrelated but I want you to know that I only see Keanu Reeves as Spencer... Just gonna throw that out there

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