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Art-tober contest finalists

Happy no-longer-Halloween month everybody. Twas a glorious and spooky season. But before we put our pumpkins into storage and start decorating our Christmas trees, there's one more piece of October business to tend to first.

This month's TftGS Halloween fanart contest has been a blast. The finalists have been chosen, and now we must decide which piece will be crowned as the 2021 Art-tober winner.

To cast your vote, click right here!

(Voting will end on November 7th, with winners announced November 8th.)


"It's Been Almost Five Years, Jack" by u/im-a-trash-CANT


"What lies in the eyes?" by u/PinkEnigma


"Burning the handplants" by u/badluckandukuleles


"Costume Party!" by u/Loli-nero


"Never go too deep into the woods" by u/SolarSaturns


"Come Get Ya Child..." by u/NekoBat666


"Welcome to the gas station clerk costume party >:]" by u/gingerbreadguy_


"The spooky Jacks!" by u/Sopjiesa


"Rosa, possessed" by u/Interesting_Buy4427


"Witch Bitch Jerry" by u/DaliaNosair


"Halloween Costumes :D" by u/PlushToyBonnie


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