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What's New with the Gas Station Crew

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Hello friends!

I know I've been pretty quiet since my last status update. In my defense, I've been doing an awful lot of doom scrolling lately, and that really eats up free time. But don't worry, doom scrolling isn't the only thing I've been up to!

I'm stoked to announce that the first book in the newest iteration of the Gas Station Universe, Code Green, is now available for purchase!

Code Green will be a seven-part comic series based on the Mayfly story arc. It was a collaborative effort with the NSU School of Creative and Performing Arts. Dozens of guest artists worked together to bring the Gas Station to a brand new medium, and the results are incredible.

Supplies are limited (but more are on the way soon).

Speaking of projects that have been in the works for a really long time, our new podcast - The Snake's Paw - is wrapping up some of the big multi-episode stories. "Clone of My Own" and "Noir City Blues" have already wrapped. The only one left to finish is a series as old as the podcast itself:

The epic and ridiculous finale for "Starship Mudskipper" will be arriving in two weeks, assuming we can work out all the details. I don't want to give too much away, but this one will be the most ambitious episode of the podcast so far... might also feature an amazing surprise cameo appearance from a voice you won't be expecting... or then again, it may not. Who knows? Not me! I'm no psychic. (It's not Rick Astley.)

Before I go, I wanted to leave y'all with one more reminder that I'll be appearing in person at this year's Multiverse Con in Atlanta, Georgia to sign books, shake hands, and kiss babies (unless Covid is still around, in which case no kissing - sorry babies). Hope to see ya there!

Love y'all.



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