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And now for something completely different

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Hey friends.

I know it's been a while since the release of my last book. Hopefully, the next one isn't too far off. But in the meantime, can I interest you in a different kind of story?

Do you like suspense?

Do you like dark humor?

Do you like complex examinations of the human soul?

Are you interested in listening to a brand new podcast containing original stories, radio plays, and discussions by me and a couple of my super weird and talented author friends?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, I've got great news!

Introducing "The Snake's Paw," a podcast for weird people by weird people. Every other Thursday, we'll be releasing a new, original story. Our episodes will range from horror, suspense, black comedy, historically accurate fiction, and just about every genre in between (as long as it's interesting). Come give us a listen. It's totally free and, in my opinion, pretty neat.


Our podcast will launch on 10/28/2021 with two episodes:

The Starship Mudskipper: A fish-out-of-water story set in space somewhere in the cold, cruel, distant future.

The Medium is the Murder: Three friends discuss a local murder as part of their true crime podcast.

If you want to be notified once new episodes drop, subscribe to our YouTube Channel right here, our SoundCloud channel right here, or anywhere else pods are cast!

There will be a lot more stuff to come very soon. Stay tuned.

Love y'all.



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I read the name of this podcast somewhere like a few days ago (I recently discovered the whole Gas Station series on Reddit and am currently reading them all, just ordered all your books and the first part of the comics series as well because MAN I love your writing!) but I only just realized snakes normally don't have paws... I'm such a Jerry-brain :')


I LOVE starship mudskipper so far! It's nice to wait for new updates on stories that come with time, versus binging an entire series on Netflix, wich is also nice, but like, the suspense of waiting for the next installment, that's something you don't experience alot anymore! I love it!

I'm sending the snakes paw podcast to my friends, it NEEDS TO LIVE!

Thank you for your writing, i find it genuinely funny and enjoyable!


Wonderful stuff! Keep up the good work!!!!! 🤩💖

Jack Townsend
Jack Townsend
Oct 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!


NightShade Rose
NightShade Rose
Oct 28, 2021

Starship Mudskiper was awsome. I dont normally read si fi but the humor and acting where enough to keep me both engaged and smiling. Jack your an awesome writer and you made my day.


Oct 28, 2021

Oh, I've subscribed, baby! I love all that weirdness you do and the spooky funnies that come along with it.

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