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Status Update - Corona Edition

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hey friends.

I hope everyone is doing okay in these interesting times we're living through.

For those of you still working right now, no matter what you do, the fact that you're still out there during this mess is proof that you are important and society would crumble without you. You have my gratitude and respect.

For those of you in isolation right now, whether mandatory or voluntary, I hope you're finding good ways to stay sane. This is a great opportunity to binge watch your favorite shows, catch up on your reading lists, perfect that erotic dance for your friends, or find some other weird way to pass the time.

Which brings me to this, a small request:

Let's take advantage of this historic moment to share with each other. What is everyone's favorite pastime? What is the thing that you would recommend to the rest of us during this societal lock-down? Do you have a favorite TV show, comedy special, video game, book, card game, app, food dish, etc. that you would like to share with everyone? If so, comment below and I'll add it to the ever-growing list.

Personally, I'm going to be catching up on all of the big NoSleep stories that have passed me by over the last year. I've been putting off reading while the third book was in development, and now I've finally got some time on my hands.

Speaking of the third book, I know a lot of people have noticed that the "How Did We Get Here" story arc was recently removed from the internet. I know there are a lot of crazy theories rolling around, from government intervention to Mandela-effect. Sadly, the truth is a lot more boring than that. I removed the posts in anticipation of the upcoming release of Volume Three.

I made the decision to take down the HDWGH arc for two big reasons:

1) The book will be released in several different formats, including a paperback, hardback, and e-book through multiple services including Kindle. Amazon, owner of Kindle, has strict rules for how much of a book listed in the Kindle store is allowed to be viewed for free. While the portion of the arc that shows up in Volume Three is significantly rewritten, we didn't want to risk running afoul of Kindle policy or causing a delay in the release.

2) For reasons that I hope will become clear in time, the book contains a version of the body-snatchers story that is slightly different than the one originally posted. Rather than have two alternate versions of the story in existence, I decided to remove the older version. The story that will appear in the book will be the sole canonical version of events.

I hope that wasn't too vague or mysterious.

Anyway, I'll try to be in touch more often over the coming days.

That's all for now. Stay safe, stay sane, be nicer than normal to each other, and wash your hands frequently.



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