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AFD at the Gas Station (Part 6)

April 1st, 3:30 AM

They were actually pretty cool about it. But I had to fill out some paperwork--an incident report or something. Then they gave me a voucher for two free spirit journeys in the future, which I am almost positive I won’t use. The spirit of April Fool’s Yet to Come did show me the future, though, and it was exactly what I expected.

Death and destruction, wanton violence, polar ice caps melting, all the puppies dying, Brendan Fraser getting his Oscar revoked… you know, the worst of the worst, and it’s all somehow going to be my fault.

I asked the spirit (who, by the way, looked nothing like the grim reaper--no, it actually took the form of a little girl in a sun dress carrying a six-foot scythe) if these images were the shadows of things that will be, or if they were the shadows of things that only may be.

The spirit actually gave me an answer.

“The future isn’t set in stone. It can be avoided, but doing so will require either a lot of luck, or a lot of snoo.”

I’d learned long ago that luck wasn’t something one could ever count on, but I was a little confused by her statement.

“What’s ‘snoo’?” I asked.

“Oh, not much. What’s new with you?”

Anyway, happy April Fool’s Day, y'all.


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