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AFD at the Gas Station (part 5)

April 1st, 2:58 AM

Hey guys. It’s Jack here. The real Jack, I mean.

Yeah, I just finished reading all of that crap the other guy wrote. I hope none of you fell for it. His attempts at imitating me were embarassing, to say the least. I mean, voice like a bag of rocks? What does that even mean?

I digress…

Mr. Roscoe jumped me last night and stuffed me in the closet with nothing to keep myself occupied except a bunch of audiobooks. I’m not entirely upset that I missed the spirits, but I’d be lying if I said the agent’s account didn’t make me feel sorry for the poor ghosts.

Oh shit, that means I’ve got to explain to the next one why their friends are MIA. Crap. This really is the stupidest day of the entire year, isn’t it? God I wish I could have stayed home.

Oh great. I just heard three chimes.

Wish me luck.


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