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Dec 20, 2020
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Am i the only one who doesn't care one bit for Sabine as a character? Ik this might be dumb but I feel like although she is an important part of Jacks life she doesn't really stick out as a character. Not only that, her presence in the story seems to be more of a hindrances in jacks psyche that holds back his growth. Idk just my opinion, tell me what you think.
Oblivious Games
Dec 16, 2020
In General Discussions
So I'm currently listening to volume 3 and well im at the part where Jack tells rosa about the bookstore. Now based on what I can remember for the YT version rosa and Jerry end up kissing, my question is if rosa and jacks relationship going to develop to a more intimate territory or is it dead in the water after v3? I'd like to here your thoughts and I don't mind spoilers.

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