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Noah Fukuda
Dec 10, 2020
In Bedside Manor
So I finally finished reading through all of Bedside Manor (and all of the Tales of the Gas Stations stories), and after a couple of weeks of trial and error, I think I understand a bunch of things (big thanks to ) However, I still don't know the passwords for death1 and death2, and which one is correct canonically ? Both endings are, well, interesting, and it would be interesting which one is correct or not. So could someone please tell me the codes for death1 and death2 (unless no one knows the answers, that's okay too) I also have a couple of other questions too. First, if I read the books published, will I get a better idea of what is happening? Second, what the heck is LISA? Has this company been mentioned before (as in the organization in Finding Vanessa)? Please and thank you!

Noah Fukuda

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