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Q&A with Jack

Is the Body Snatchers thing over or is it gonna be part of the new story arc?

The “body snatchers thing” is over as far as I know. There are still the occasional whisperings of a mimic or mimic-like activity, but every since the big event, we haven’t had any more outbreaks…

Oh wait, you mean in the blog posts, right? Sorry! I keep forgetting that my audience isn’t experiencing all of this in real time anymore. I guess I’ve got a lot of explaining to do, don’t I?

Let’s just say this: the mimic invasion has been resolved, and things are pretty much back to “normal” around here. In fact, Rosa is back to working at the gas station again. With a couple of major exceptions, it’s almost like none of it ever even happened.

So what happened? Well, I intend to explain everything in Volume Two, which I am still working on.

Jack, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I got one question for you: did the Bathroom Cowboy get snatched/replaced? I feel like he's an underestimated asset to whatever side recognizes him.

You’re right, he really is grossly underappreciated. For better or worse, he’s a very out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of guy. Maybe that’s his supernatural defense mechanism.

I will say that I left a slice of cake in the bathroom yesterday, and when I came back this morning, it was gone.

Hey Jack, When you guys had the Russian Radio functioning. Did you ever listen to 104.6 FM radio? (Accounts from a Lonely Broadcast Station) I think you'd get along with Evelyn.

The radio actually didn’t have a tuner attached to it, and it only got the one frequency. I couldn’t tell you what it was, but it did not play any music.

I’ve heard a little about this Evelyn person, and she sounds lovely. If she’s interested in putting her sitting-around-for-hours-at-a-time skills to good use, let her know that we are always hiring.

Benjamin handed you his gun. You've killed dozens of Benjamins. Even if only some of them did the same... how many guns do you have?!

I have a box where I used to collect Kieffer’s phones and wallets. It has since turned into my Benjamin gun box. I haven’t counted, but there are a lot in there.

What are you planning for new years at the gas station? Also has anyone actually taken the gnomes or are they just going straight for the booze?

Booze. Even people who don’t drink are taking the booze. These gnomes aren’t going anywhere.

As for new years, it was pretty dull if you can believe it. Like every year, a big group of locals started firing their machine guns into the air right at midnight, so I spent the first five minutes of 2019 standing in the walk-in cooler, just in case. As is tradition.

By chance, was the guy who tried to kidnap you while dressed as death your biggest fan?

Oh, you mean Gregg? I haven’t heard from him in a while. Hope he’s doing okay.

If you’re asking if Gregg was the guy that sent me the computer and gun last year, no. It was someone else.

Happy New year Jack :D

Thank you!

Heya Jack! I was just wondering if you had any new years resolutions for 2019, and if you did then what were they?

Oh man, let’s see:

Finish Volume Two.

Finish Volume Three.

Find Forrest Fenn’s hidden Treasure (I’ve actually made some decent progress on this one, and 2019 just might be the year, y’all!).

Get someone important to read the pilot script of TftGS.

Get better about updating the blog.

Glad to see you and Rosa have made up, ya know, as much as you can make up after shooting someone in the face point blank in front of them in seemingly cold blood. (Definitely didn't read that leaked police report by the way... but nice work.) My question though is, are you, or can you even be sure that the gnomes/cowboy can't/haven't been snatched? You might be surrounded by alien monsters and not even know, be careful brother.

As I’ve said repeatedly, it’s easier to just assume that everyone is out to get you.

Jack, what happened to the hidden door at the gas station?

It’s still there, only much better hidden now.

After the renovation following the dark god incident, the owners bricked up the other side of the door and installed a new wall, so if you look where the door was now, all you’ll see is an advertisement for Fanta.

Jack tell Rosa happy birthday from us :)


Lets all keep focused on the real question here. In a fight between O’Brien and and the guy in the bear suit who’s walking away? And isn’t anyone worried about the gas station cowboy’s living situation if anything happens to jack?

That’s like asking about a fight between a tornado and a lightning storm. You don’t have to worry about who would win, because they would simply join forces and become even more powerful and deadly.

Also, the bathroom cowboy doesn’t need me to survive. He’s not my beta fish. He can take care of himself. He was here long before me, and I think he’ll be around long after we’re all dead next year.


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Feb 14, 2019

What is Rosa?


Victoria Karra
Victoria Karra
Feb 13, 2019

Hey Jack! I was just wondering if you, Rosa, O'brien or Jerry would be interested in sharing any of your favorite songs? Maybe each of you could make a playlist, that sounds totally fun and not at all like a dangerous idea.


have You told Rosa about what happened to jerry?


Feb 06, 2019

@Original Toaster you forgot the booths that everyone sits and drinks coffee at.


Evan Poe
Evan Poe
Feb 05, 2019

Do you ever listen to podcasts like “Lore” and recognize some of the weird creatures and/or occurrences like those mentioned on the podcast?

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