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I'm back! (For real this time)

Is it just me, or does 2019 feel like it’s just flying by?

Let me start this update by saying that yes, I am still alive. And I am sorry to everybody who has been waiting for a response. I’ll be perfectly honest, this last couple months have been crazy. (I mean, crazier than usual.)

I’ve been working tirelessly to train the newest fleet of part-timers. Special thanks to everyone who applied to work with us, and special condolences to everyone who was selected. If you applied but were not contacted, please be patient, as it’s only a matter of time before we need new employees again.

I also want to take a second to thank Gin and Christina1632 for the coffees. If you guys ever find yourselves in my neck of the woods, I’ll repay you with as many gnomes as you can carry. (That’s fair, right? Somebody please take these gnomes off my hands!)

Also, thank you very much Remy Peepers for the giant barrel of coffee. It took me almost the entire day to drink it all, but I got through it.

Let’s move right on to

What the Hell is Jack Doing?

I’m still working hard on finishing and perfecting Volumes 2 and 3, and I’m hoping they will both be ready for release this year.

MCP and I are at the final stages of the audiobook adventure. It’s sounding great, and should be ready to release soon. No hard date yet, but I’ve got a feeling I’ll be making an announcement about it soon.

Some of you may already be aware of this, but for those who are not, I was selected to represent the “Hanged Man” in the upcoming “Sleepless Tarot deck.” This is a project that will be bringing many popular Creepypasta and NoSleep icons together for the first time. Each card in the Sleepless Tarot Deck will be represented by a character or symbol from a popular series. Expect to see artwork from Borrasca, Infected Town, Tales from the Gas Station, and more. As soon as I have more details, I’ll be posting here.

With that, let’s move right along to


Okay guys, there were a LOT of questions from last time. I guess that’s what happens when you forget to post an update for over a month. I promise, I won’t let that happen again unless I forget.

So, this probably sounds a bit annoying, but I don't see any of your new posts. And I would have thought that you were just procrastinating if not for the fact that the latest comment I've seen was on January 22, and as of me typing this, it is February 28th.

That’s not annoying. You are correct. I haven’t been able to update my blog in quite a while, although I have a perfectly valid excuse, which is OH MY GOD WHAT’S THAT RIGHT BEHIND YOU?!

Oh, my mistake. There’s nothing there. Anyway, what were we talking about? I forget. Moving on...

I'm having difficulty with my application. When trying to click the gnome picture I cannot make a selection to continue the application process. I would really enjoy working at the shitty gas station on the edge of town. I would also help maintain the hand plants and ward of Spencer whenever possible.

This is a common error. You just have to make sure you’re clicking every picture with a gnome in it.

Is there anyway that we can see an actual picture of you, Rosa, Jerry, Spencer and the rest?

Nope! Sorry, but believe me when I say it’s for everyone’s safety.

Or at least a really good drawing of this? I am not trying to be creepy, it’s just that sometimes it’s nice to put a face to who is talking is all.

Actually, some of the pictures of us over on the fan art side of this page are alarmingly good representations of what we actually look like. There were a few others of me that I chose not to post because they were… let’s say “too accurate.”

He said that his name isn’t really Jack a while back. That people at school started calling him Jack one day and he just went with it.


That’s a very odd thing to do don’t you think? What if Jack isn’t really Jack and HE doesn’t know or remember anymore?


Unrelated but, am I the only one who thinks the actor for Tom should be Sam Elliot?

Literally my first and only choice to play him.

I know this is a strange thing to request or suggest but umm do you remember the last time you were at the compound on the bus that Jerry slept in? Remember when you got back to the gas station and he asked you if you found his porn and said did you even look? Maybe that was a hint for you to look and find something that no one else would think to see or check.

I guess I didn’t think about that. I just assumed he wanted to talk about his porn.

Also are you sure that Jerry is the one who took all those pictures on that bus?

I am not… that sure would be weird though. For Jerry to have a bunch of pictures of his friends that somebody else took. Of course, nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to Jerry.

Are you allowed to drive with your fatal insomnia?

Amazingly, yes. The prosthetic leg required me to visit a special office to prove I could drive without needing any vehicular modifications, then I had to retake my driving test. But the inability to fall asleep behind the wheel actually makes me a safer driver, statistically-speaking.

Is Dr. Vicedomini a hypnotherapist?

Sadly, Dr. V is no longer with us.

I just got gnomes at the store I manage the other day. I refuse to touch them and every time I open the store I find one in the book section. But I think someone is messing with me lol.

That’s how it started for me, too. Let me know if they start to multiply.

Jack has the novel on his site (this site or you can read the original web novel on reddit. also if u want to read the og chapter 4 use [Deleted] or ask one of the og fans who has a copy of ch 4, there are a few.

Nooooo! DON’T DO THAT! There is no part 4!

My guess is that Jack had been replaced. Seems like this new "Jack" hasn't been posting at all. Not even commenting to the posts. I get that the original Jack isn't that reliable with updating the blog but this isn't normal even for him.

I’m sorry. It’s been a busy couple of months.

Hello, hope you are well. I was planning on buying the book soon and was just wondering where that fits into the current story. My understanding is that it's the beginning portion of your nosleep story, is that correct? Are you continuing the story on nosleep, or just in the following books? I appreciate any elaborating you can do. Thank you.

The first book is an extended retelling of the Dark God story arc. It ends before the Christmas events, but contains a good deal of new material that I couldn’t fit into the original blog or nosleep posts.

I’ll be continuing my story in the novels as well as a few select stories for nosleep.

I'm very interested in your "missing" Halloween chapter. Maybe you could tell me a thing or two about it.

Well you’re in luck, because we finally figured out which parts to leave out of the story to keep it from killing people. The deweaponized Halloween chapter can be found in “Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One.”

Will you ever write about your adventures trying to find Finn’s Treasure? I mean, if and when you do survive the whole gas station fiasco.

Possibly, but I can tell you now that the real treasure was the friendship we made along the way.

There has been 1 month from your last post are you still alive?

Yeah, sorry about that.

Before I go, I want to leave you guys with this awesome thing:

Somebody painstakingly recreated the gas station in lego form, and it’s awesome. Thank you for Lego-ing us, Silver Starr Lombardi.

I'll be back soon.



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Mar 23, 2019

So I made a Character in D&D (An Air Genasi Storm Sorcerer Sailor who is often very drunk) Who I based heavily off of Jerry. But ever since I played as him once I've been hearing voices in my head asking me if they can bum a smoke off me. But I don't smoke Jack. I. Don't. Smoke.


Mar 11, 2019

Oh Jack how is Rosa?? Was she ever replaced or did she stay safe?


Christopher....oh you just wait. It’s a doozy


Christopher Lucas
Christopher Lucas
Mar 08, 2019

Rojiggity... Not got that far yet lol

Mar 07, 2019

I just realized Jack is the original representation of nosleep. Like for real, he has no sleep... at all

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