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Finally! An update!

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

What a weird year it's been. The entire internet landscape is changing before our very eyes. Titans are falling, new contenders are emerging. Twitter got X'ed. Insta got Threaded. AI got scarier. Henry Cavill got Liam Hemsworthed. And I broke up with Reddit...

Life outside of the internet has been pretty wild, too. Mr. Creepypasta and I both moved to new cities. We also both spent a bit of time in the hospital-- Me for the wounds I sustained after rescuing a small child from a random gang of street sharks, and him after surviving the latest failed assassination attempt by the league of evil ninjas.

Anyway, on to the business at hand: A long time ago, I promised that I would share information about the audiobook for "Tales from the Gas Station: Volume Four" just as soon as I had the information to share. Well, the time has come! I'm excited to announce that we are fairly confident that the audiobook will be available on ACX, Audible, and iTunes this October with Mr. Creepypasta returning to narrate! Assuming, of course, the internet still exists by then...

We want to thank everybody for their patience. This has been an amazing adventure, and I'm so glad I got to share it with all of you.

Still, this isn't the end.

There will be more exciting news coming soon.

Love you all.


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