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Come see me at HorrorCon VR!

Hello friends!

I hope you're all having a great season of the spook. The world is, ever so slowly, returning to normal. Businesses are opening. Conventions are restarting. More people are finally washing their hands. And if we can continue to flatten the curve, I might actually be able to go on that book tour I had to postpone last year, so there's a chance I could be coming to a city near you in 2022!

Until then, though, we're still playing things safe. Fortunately, we live in a ridiculously high tech society where technology is practically magic. This year, we can still come together to hang out, gossip, and talk about our favorite tv shows (who else is watching "What We Do in the Shadows"?).

On October 30th at 8:00 PM PDT/PST, I will be joining a handful of other writers for the Horror Con VR's "NoSleep Author Roundtable," including:

Dale Drake (author of Dark Waters)

Cryptic Nightmares (My Tiny Town just got put on Lockdown)

David Feuling (The Thing that Stalks the Fields and Buyer Beware)

Banning K (Jeff the Killer 2015)

I'll be hanging out afterwards to answer your questions, chill, and maybe go see some cool spooky stuff.

For those who didn't attend Horror Con VR last year, here are a few things to know:

-It is FREE to attend. All you need is a computer (you'll have to provide your own; sorry) and the program VRchat (also free - click here to download -or- click here for the VIP version).

-You do not need any fancy 3d headsets or anything. Just a regular monitor and a microphone if you want to talk to people.

-If you're not able to make it, that's okay. This won't be the last virtual hangout session I do.

-I'll be throwing an afterparty at the VR gas station, so if you ever wanted to get a good look inside the building itself, here's your opportunity.

I hope to see you there!



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Ryan James
Ryan James
Nov 03, 2021

Damn, missed it :( hopefully I’ll make it next time


Oct 30, 2021

Is the after party for after your panel, or after the con? If so when, and how do we get there?


Rowan Sapsorrow
Rowan Sapsorrow
Oct 28, 2021

Heyo Jack! Do you know when the merch will be coming back/ what kind of merch? I was thinking of possible merch ideas the other day and thought a handplant pin would look kinda cool.


Oct 27, 2021

What is Horror Con world called? Will the Con be in a public or private instance (lobby), if private, should we friend the world owner? Assuming they'll be attending the event and will turn on the option to allow friends to join them.

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