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A Halloweeny Novella from the Gas Station Universe

Hey all!

I don't know about you, but I for one cannot wait for spooky season to begin. Which is why I'm releasing this Halloween novella a little early this year.

As many of you will remember, a few years back I published the Mayfly story arc as a serial on NoSleep under the title "Happy Halloween from the Gas Station." Since then, I was approached by the arts department of Northwestern State University, who is currently producing a seven-part comic book series based on that story titled "Code Green."

After the recent Reddit API shakeup, I made the difficult decision to remove all of my work from NoSleep, including HHFTGS. But this gave me an opportunity to revisit the tale with fresh eyes. Many people were upset that they couldn't find the story anymore, and wanted to know if I'd be rereleasing it in another format other than the comic book. Originally, I planned to polish up the text and offer it as a paperback mostly unchanged, just like I did with the Bedside Manor novella. But as I reread the story, I remembered all of the extra ideas that had to be cut from the original narrative in order to fit the specific NoSleep format.

And so, with the benefit of time and the freedom that the novella structure provides, I was able to return to this tale and recraft it into an expanded and updated version that is much closer to my initial vision. This novella is approximately twice as long as the complete serial version. What all is new? Well, you'll have to read it to see all the answers to that question, but here are a few upgrades you can expect:

-More monsters

-More raccoon shenanigans

-That "new book" smell

-A more fleshed-out universe

-A closer look at each of the characters

-A 300% increase in the number of inappropriate weapons thrown at bad guys' faces

-Fewer typogaphical errors (probably)

-The ability to dogear your page so you can tell where you left off

In our town, once every five years, the bugs come.

They swarm us by the millions,

in clouds thick enough to block out the entire sky…

When a storm of mysterious green insects appears from nowhere, a seemingly ordinary Halloween night becomes a desperate bid for survival.

Forced to seek refuge at the twenty-four hour gas station at the edge of town, a motley group of strangers must work together to make it through the night. But with the swarm cutting them off from the outside world, tensions rise, patience wanes, and madness creeps in.

As secrets come to light, they soon discover that the bugs outside are not the only threat they face. A killer lurks in their midst, and everyone is a suspect. With their very lives hanging in the balance, the group must race against time to uncover the terrifying truth at the center of the storm before they all end up dead… or worse.

From the author of the legendary horror-comedy creepypasta “Tales from the Gas Station,” The Green Night is a spine-tingling story of survival, paranoia, the supernatural... and lots and lots of bugs.

Anyway, that's all for now, but stay tuned for more updates "soon."

Love y'all.

Happy Halloween,



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