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11/26/18 Newsletter

Hey everybody.

As promised, I have returned to give you some updates and answer your questions.

I'm sure many of you are probably wondering why I still haven't posted the epic conclusion to the most recent story arc "How did we get here?" Well, the short answer is this: it wasn't ready. I've been working on this and Tales from the Gas Station: Volume 2 concurrently, and it's been tricky because there will be a lot of new information in Volume 2 that I don't want to spoil before the book is ready, so I've had to rewrite the blog entries a few times to avoid giving away the craziest stuff.

So when will the conclusion be posted? Well, probably in the next couple days.

Now on to your questions:


From sarahanne8:

Do you actually know (or are) the author(s) who is telling the Finding Vanessa story? Yes, I do know the author who is currently telling the newest Finding Vanessa story. No, I am not he, but I can assure you that this story is going to be epic.

From the the:

Do you maybe have an estimated time as to when volume 2 will come out? Probably April. But there is a chance it could be much sooner. Or much later. I promise I'm working on it every day, but I don't want to release it before it's as good as it can be. In the meantime, I'll be dropping the occasional short story here and on noSleep.

From rebekahwashington17:

I love your stories so much. I find myself reading it over again on slow days at work. That's not a question. (But thank you!)

From slythefox127:

What’s the nicest thing that’s happened at the gas station? Oh wow, that's a tough one. People usually don't ask about the nice stuff. One time, a cat walked right into the gas station and hopped up on the counter, and I pet it for like three hours straight. It was pretty magical.

From hamiltonlesliepurple:

What's the deal with the woman that keeps being mentioned in the story? She's been mentioned four or so times now. I assume you're referring to "her." Yeah, I'll try to get around to telling her story as soon as I can work up the emotional fortitude to do so. In the meantime, you should watch this video.

Thanks everybody for the questions. If there are any others you'd like for me to sidestep, please ask them in the comments.

Goodbye and watch your back.



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