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Tales from the Gas Station

Volume One

Working at a dead-end retail job in the middle of nowhere can be hard. The long hours. The helpless customers. The enormous eldritch horror living deep below the building…


As the only full-time employee at the twenty-four hour gas station at the edge of town, Jack has pretty much seen it all. But when he decides to start an online journal documenting the bizarre day-to-day occurrences, he unwittingly attracts the attention of much more than just a few conspiracy theorists. With the body count steadily on the rise and a dark, ancient force infecting the dreams of everyone around him, Jack will do everything in his power to stay out of the way and mind his own business.


After all, he’s just a gas station clerk. It’s not like he’s getting paid enough to wage battle against the nightmarish aberrations plaguing his community. Besides, he already has his hands full attempting to manage all those mysterious lawn gnomes, the mutant raccoons, and the charming phantom cowboy who lives in the bathroom.


Based on the award-winning creepypasta by GasStationJack, Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One is a love letter to the pioneers of classic horror tailored to a generation that grew up in the era of smartphones and WiFi.

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Volume THREE

An army of monsters walks among us, hidden in plain sight. They’re fast. They’re strong. They’re unrelenting. And they only want one thing: the sh*tty gas station at the edge of town.

Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, Jack—night-shift clerk and local crazy person—has found himself neck-deep in the middle of yet another world-ending terror. And this time around, nobody can be trusted. Not that tough-as-nails cop who probably knows a lot more than she’s letting on. Not the adorkable new employee who might be something far less innocent than she appears. Not even Jack’s best friend/emotional support human, whose mysterious past seems to have finally caught up with him.

In this latest installment of the Gas Station saga, Jack’s world will change forever. Questions will be answered, and answers will be questioned. Friends become enemies. Strangers become enemies. Frenemies become enemies. (You know what? Jack is going to have a lot of new enemies.)

Prepare yourself. Things are about to get weird.

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Volume TWO

Nightshift clerk and high-functioning insomniac Jack is back to work, trying his best to keep out of trouble.


But when his chain-smoking coworker discovers a mysterious radio signal revealing the guarded secrets of their town, Jack will learn that an annoying new dayshift manager is far from the worst of his problems. 

In this second installment of the Gas Station saga, Jack finds himself entangled in his most harrowing adventure yet.


With the newest crew of coworkers along for the ride and the resident psychopath out for his blood, our hero(?) must navigate the drama of small-town murder conspiracies, vigilante justice, and demonic summoning rituals...whether he wants to or not.

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