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Dj_ 2270
Nov 29, 2020
In Questions for Jack
At the end of volume 3, I don’t know how to take the end. I can’t wait to see where jack takes this. That hardcore plot twist left me kinda in shock. It was both a kick in the gut and an ack yak bite to the nuts. I was expecting something in a whole different direction. Im a little butt hurt from the “reset” but I’ll just dig into the lore and re listen to finding Vanessa. I vaguely remember hearing “sherif o‘brian“ in one of the mcp narrations now I’m hunting for the reference that took place after the events of vol 3. This series has got to be my favorite book universe, it has the potential to be Continued and I hope it goes on to at least vol 5. I throughly enjoyed all of it in the span of 3 days.

Dj_ 2270

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