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The Hanged Man

For those of you who read "Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One," you already know that I have a certain history with tarot cards, and tarot card readings. But the universe has a certain sense of humor, and now it turns out that I'm destined to once again cross paths with the most famous icon of cartomancy.

The Sleepless Tarot deck will be using my likeness for their "Hanged Man" card. I suppose that's fitting...

The project's kickstarter will begin March 22nd, and include art inspired by some of your favorite NoSleep and Creepy Pasta stories, including:

"A Package Marked Return to Sender"

"The Story of Her Holding an Orange"

"Down in the Library Basement"

"A Shattered Life"

"I put out a Craigslist ad for a new roommate to ward off my stalker and avoid violating my lease. My new roommate might be a demon"

"I Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life"

"Infected Town"

"The Court of the Stag King"

"Tales from the Gas Station"

"So Yeah, I Don't Do Drugs Anymore"

"Soft White Damn"


"500 Yards"

"Mummer Man"


"Summer Series"

"The Left/Right Game"

"Tampon Recall"

"Highway Dancer"

"I pressed my hands against my eyes for twenty straight hours"

"Come to Daddy"

"Pop Go The People"

"I've been Working for Disney, and I've Got Some Stories to Tell"

For more info, follow the project here:

Twitter: @sleeplesstarot 


Instagram: @thesleeplesstarot


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