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Art Contest Winners

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a gnome-free weekend and got plenty of sleep and stayed hydrated. Have you had any water today? You should probably go drink some water.

Anyway, on to the exciting announcement. The votes have been tallied, and the winners of our Halloween month art contest have been selected!

In first place, a repeat artist winner, u/BadLuckandUkeleles with the incredibly detailed "Burning the Handplants."

Second place goes to the fabulous "Witch Bitch Jerry" by u/DaliaNosair.

Third place this year goes to another returning artist winner, u/im-a-trash-CANT

with the ominously titled "It's almost been 5 years, Jack."

And lastly, the winner of our first annual costume contest is u/term1nallycapr1c1ous with an incredible costume that contains a minor spoiler for Volume Three. Click here to check it out!


Once again, congratulations to all the winners and nominees. This has been an excellent month for art. If you haven't already, consider giving the artists a follow on reddit and insta. What kind of contests would y'all like to see us do in the future? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time,

Love y'all.



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