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7/24/2019 Newsletter

Hello everybody (except for you, Travis... You know what you did.),

As is custom, I would like to start this post with a quick apology. Sorry it's taken me so long to post a new update. I've been tied up for the last month working on the next volumes of Tales from the Gas Station.

Speaking of which...

About Volume Two

I'm happy to report that Volume Two is in the final stages of completion. (No hard release date yet, but I expect to be able to make that announcement soon.)

Many of you already know, but for those who don't, the original Volume Two ended up longer than anticipated. In an effort to keep the important parts, I've split the story into two separate Volumes. This means that the gas station trilogy is now going to be a quadrilogy.

Volume Two covers the events leading up to the "Merry Christmas from the Gas Station" story arc. It is about 90 percent brand new material, with a refined and remastered version of certain parts from the original blog.

Volume Three, which contains and concludes the "How did we Get Here" story arc, will be released in the months that follow.

I'll be doing another limited run of signed copies, as well as a few more signed copies of the first book while I'm at it.

And yes, Mr. Creepypasta will be returning for the audiobook!

What Else is Going On?

The books have been taking up most of my free time for the last few months, which is why you haven't seen any nosleep or journal entries from me in a while. Although I still plan to come back to posting on a somewhat regular basis, I'm determined to finish the story I started with Volume One first. The good news is that I'm getting close to completing the entire book series!

Speaking of radio silence, I wanted to give a quick update about another gas station storyteller--one you may know as Burrowing Bird. The author/narrator team in charge of Finding Vanessa (let's call it "Season Two") is still alive and well, even though the continuation of the story is officially on hiatus. I've spoken with the author recently about plans to finish the story. What I can tell you right now is this: the story of small town local turned big city detective turned small town detective Eric Riggin is far from over, and I can assure you that the story has not been abandoned. When I have more details, I'll pass them along.

Get ready for a very vague announcement: Outside of the novels, I might have another gas station related project in development. It's still in the early stages, and I don't want to speak about it in anything more than vague hints at this time because I don't want to jinx it, but you might end up seeing a different kind of gas station story some time next year. (I'll keep you updated on this too, even if it ends up falling through.)

Another thing, I recently (and by "recently," I mean, since my last update a couple months ago) got to work with the amazing artist Jordan Ho (@BurningArtPaper on Instagram and artisticarsonist on tumblr) on a Rita the Raccoon design for the Inktale store. Check it out right here if you want to see what Rita looks like!

What else? What else... what else... Oh, I tried growing a beard! But it's not working out quite how I'd hoped. Just trying to find that sweet spot between too lazy to shave and too itchy to not shave. Probably going to go back to completely beardless soon.

Well, I guess that's about everything.

Other Stuff to Check Out

The Creepy podcast has completed another incredible Gas Station story (Upside Down), which you can check out here (If you do, stick around to the end for some Jerry dad-jokes and show tunes... definitely worthwhile).

If you aren't already familiar, Creepy is an awesome weekly podcast series that puts an impressive amount of production effort into each of their narrations, including multiple voice actors, sound effects, and original soundtracks. You can see some of their other episodes here:

Another thing I've been wanting to mention, fellow NoSleepian Wendigus has created a web-comic based on her stationpasta series "Accounts from a Lonely Broadcast Station."

While I am not associated with this story in any way, I wanted to add a link and show a fellow stationpasta some support. (Is "stationpasta" a word? If not, it should be.)

Also worth noting, as of today we are officially less than one hundred days away from Halloween! Hope you're all ready.

Until next time, stay safe.



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19 comentários
05 de ago. de 2019

Jack can we get a regular schedule for the updates? We're dying to see more updates and your upload schedule is as unpredictable as promised . Part of the reason is that we worry if you're still alive. But mostly we miss you and the gang at the gas station


04 de ago. de 2019

I've suspected finding Vanessa was put on hold b\c of the potential spoilers that could reveal some unknowns in TFTGS. I can't imagine how difficult it is keeping the stories straight. Especially with the attention to subtle details the fans have. I hope riggins is the one to finally take down Spencer though. He's developed as the outright hero seeking retribution. I like him :)


03 de ago. de 2019

Okay congrats on the SECOND BOOK! Two when is the announcement for the signed copies going live I saw your Instagram post and I need to KNOW ASAP so I can be prepared


Happy cake day jack!


02 de ago. de 2019

Well shit happy birthday jack didnt know then again i learned of your blog following mr creepypasta on youtube

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