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4/15/19 Newsletter

You guys remember back when I was actually able to stay on top of things and release a newsletter once a week, every week? Man, I used to be so responsible. In my defense, it's been a pretty crazy couple of months.

For starters, I've been testing the limits of human coffee consumption. I would like to thank the following people for their assistance in this endeavor:

Creepsin (Who is doing his own narration of TftGS on his Youtube page [I swear it's not Rick Astley this time, guys])

Dylan Theriot

Leo Miller


Liam Druley


Will Ryals




Remy B. Peepers


A big, special "Thank you" to all of the above for continuing to support my unhealthy caffeine addiction.

Now let's move on to...

What the Hell is Jack Doing?

(Looking for a better section title. Open to ideas.)

I'm still working hard on the second and third volumes of Tales from the Gas Station. Volume two will span the length of time covered by the "Merry Christmas from the Gas Station" and "How Did we get Here" arcs, plus a fair amount after. Volume 3 will contain some surprises.

I'm hoping to have the second book ready to publish soon, but I'm making sure not to rush anything. I'll be making an announcement as soon as I have an idea of the release date.

Also, I'm still working on that Tales from the Gas Station pilot episode script.

There sure seem to be a lot of CreepyPastas making the jump to the screen recently. It's heartening to know that, even with Channel Zero riding into the sunset, the community as a whole is still interested in seeing our stories take new life.

Hey, speaking of converting stories into new mediums, for those of you who are currently in the market for a new tarot deck, might I suggest checking out the Sleepless Tarot kickstarter page? This is the last week of the kickstarter, and the project is almost 100 percent funded. Tales from the Gas Station is being represented by the "Hanged Man" tarot card, drawn by the amazing Amber Clark:

Also, here's something completely different: In an attempt to curb my monstrous social anxiety, I'm going to be stepping out of my comfort zone to attend the 14th Annual Texas Frightmare Horror convention in Dallas this year! Believe it or not, this will be my first convention. I'm not a panelist or anything. I'm just going so I can see national treasures Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund, and Tim Curry all in one place. (editor's note: Fun fact! Bruce Campbell and Tim Curry have appeared in 3 movies together! Can you name them?)



Are there any careers you'd be interested in besides working at the gas station? Like a dream job or something (Kind of despite your impertinence)?

Honestly, being an author was always a dream job of mine, so I guess now I have the best of both worlds! Also, astronaut.

Jack, what advice do you have for writers?

I always loved Stephen King's advice on this. It's simple, but poignant: "If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot."

I'll add my own two cents to it for newer writers, don't worry if your stuff is good or bad. Just write. I've written a lot of bad stuff. Like, tons. You would be amazed by how much crappy stuff I've written. Embrace it.

Is Carlos the guy who picked up Detective Riggin in Finding Vanessa?

How the heck would I know?

I just wanted to say thanks for giving me a place to belong. my name is J.A. I also have a hunch about where the gas station is. and I think I've been there.

You're welcome. And yes, you probably have.

My cat has been curious as to whether the bathroom cowboy is a cat or dog person.

I don't know, but please pet your cat for me.

Will you still be using reddit to upload more updates and parts in the future?

Yes, but all updates will hit this blog first.

Hey is there going to be any music in the background of the audio book?

Sadly, no. MCP and I tried everything short of summoning a crossroads demon to get it to work, but it was like changing someone's mind on the internet--while technically not impossible, it was difficult enough that it may as well have been. This is just an issue with the audiobook industry as a whole, and hopefully it will change in time.

My Grandma has just given me a gnome with a green hat. Should I be concerned?

I guess it depends on how well you trust your grandma.


One last thing before I go back to work...

If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below and I might answer them when/ifever I do another weekly update.



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May 20, 2019

Also Jack...the guy in the bear suit is my cousin and we are trying to get him to come home so we can get him some help.... please call the police when you see him. He isn’t well... and we think he maybe naked in that thing.


May 19, 2019

Jack are you okay? Where is Rosa and O’brian?


May 16, 2019

When will the rest of Finding Vanessa be done, do you know? Ask Riggins for me. Or better yet, ask him "Will you ever update your story?"


May 16, 2019

There is no registered gas station in an area like how you described on Google Maps. That gas station is weird. But don't worry, I will find this place. And when I do, I am going to make you update me on the story in person.


Amber Burnash
Amber Burnash
May 12, 2019

I'm new here, I just binged your story and the Vanessa one on Reddit and I want to thank you for writing it and inspiring others; this universe and your gas station "lore" is fascinating and frankly, encouraging. I don't know how you do it, but your insane story somehow has hope for the better in every segment and it's why I look forward to seeing it now. Besides it just being awesome in general. So thanks.

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