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I live in a house with 4 other people, we have strange rules.

Every rule past rule #3 has a story behind it.

  1. Wash your own dishes

  2. Don’t leave your trash around the place

  3. Once a week draw straws to see who has to clean the house

  4. Try to ignore the screaming

  5. Don’t enter the second basement.

  6. DO NOT incite war between the little mushroom men

  7. OR play favorites with them and their factions

  8. Remember to make the occasional blood sacrifice to the mold

  9. If this rule is blank, you entered the wrong house

  10. Don’t bring guests that are OBVIOUSLY vengeful spirits, Kuda

  11. Disregard rule 8, the mold is not to be trusted

  12. Disregard rule 11, rule 8 is still in effect

  13. No new roommates

  14. Evil books aren’t meant to be read

  15. The knives and lighters are to be kept locked in a safe at all times

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