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Jack Nook
Sep 21, 2020
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So I have this obsession with these kinds of stories where the terrifying is met with apathy and sarcasm. It got me thinking of John Dies and how that got done, and subsequentially two things. 1 - Use the John Dies cast but put the actors wherever you'd think they belong. I see Paul Giovanni as Benjamin and Rob Mayes as Jerry. I kinda wanna see Doug Jones play Jack because he seems like he'd be convincingly apathetic to the horror around him. 2 - It'd be a pretty great movie to put together. TLDR: (Gabbing my butt off commencing for the setup ideas): Like, give it a narration and scene shift style with the narration of journal entries peppered in in short bursts and maybe parts where the narration hitches and it, in turn, causes errors in a scene. Using Jack's unfortunate memory situation as a key part of explaining what is happening in the film would be great. Could go with a narration and scene shift style like Fear and Loathing. Give some narration of journal entries as they play out maybe but keep them short and sweet to avoid distracting too much from the scenes. The scenes I'll get into how I see them later. I gotta shut off my brain for now. I'm just following my creative brain down a rabbit hole if ya'll wanna jump in on this train. Ch00 Ch000...
Jack Nook
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