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Signed Paperbacks coming soon...

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

--QUICK UPDATE - Wow, I was not expecting that to happen so fast, but we are temporarily sold out. Expect signed books to go on sale again this Friday, July 10th!--

--SECOND UPDATE - Books are available again, but supplies are limited!--

--THIRD UPDATE - What are you guys doing with these books?! I sold out in like an hour! Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy. And for everyone who wanted one but couldn't get it, there will be another chance to buy signed copies soon.--

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all doing okay.

I know that this is... (*checks watch*) about four months late. To be fair, this has been a pretty crazy year. I mean, it's still a pretty crazy year, and the forecast is calling for a continually crazy year. But maybe, hopefully, we're all finding a good and healthy way to adapt, grow, and roll with the punches coming our way.

Speaking of adapting, the mailing routes around these parts are as back to normal as they're ever going to get. And as much as I've enjoyed using this small stockpile of books to build complex forts for my pet spiders*, I think it's time to use them for their intended purposes: reading and/or smashing into the faces of demon-possessed friends and family members**.

Click here for signed copies of the third book!***

This will definitely not be the last time signed copies are offered. International copies and signed copies of Volumes One and Two will be available at a later time.

Love you all (except for you, Spencer. God. Why are you even reading this?!),


* I can 100% guarantee that I probably removed all of the spider eggs before mailing.

** The FDA has not evaluated the efficacy of this book's demon-warding processes. Smash demon faces at your own risk.

*** Once they're available again.


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