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Louisiana Comic Con - March 11 & 12

Hey y'all! Jack here. Sorry it's been a hot second since my last update.

I've been keeping busy on a few different projects now that the Tales novel series has wrapped up. The comic book series is still well under way. Part two is nearing completion and should be done by the end of the semester. For those wondering, each successive installment in the comic book series should take less time to release than the previous, as the artists are perfecting their flow. I got to read the outlines for the next few editions recently, and they've blown me away. I can't wait for y'all to see them.

Also, there's been some slow progress on a new novel. But not quite enough to warrant sharing any details yet. But I promise, I am doing stuff.

I know the one thing many of you have been wondering about is when the audiobook for Tales: Volume Four will be ready. The reality is that life has been throwing curveballs at my audiobook narrator. The audiobook is still going to happen this year. Mr. Creepypasta is still on board to narrate. He's still recording when he can, but the process is slow and steady and marred with obstacles outside of anyone's control. I promise I will make an announcement the moment we have anything concrete to share.

I should probably find a way to segue into the original point of this post. Hey, speaking of segues...

I'm going to be at Louisiana Comic Con March 11th and 12th! Come by my booth. I'll be hocking some red hot gas station swag (as in, exclusively books and comics). I'll also be signing stuff. Whatever you want. You don't even have to get it from me. I'll sign my books. I'll sign other peoples' books. I'll sign your collectible Kane Hodder replica Jason Voorhees mask. I don't care. Bring it on. You bring the stuff, I'll bring the sharpie.

Hope to see you there!

Love y'all.



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