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Inktober Artist Links

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to drop in to say how grateful I am to everybody who took part in the Gas Station Inktober event.

Special thanks (in no particular order) to the following artists. Check out their artist pages and give them a follow!

Rosalie: Instagram

Yessica Rdz (AKA Pozopolite): Instagram

Dreary Pillows: Instagram -- Youtube

Martta (AKA Hillurahka): Instagram

Jordan Ho (AKA BurningArtPaper): Instagram -- Tumblr

Neon Scribbles: Instagram

Rottix: Instagram

Lily (AKA Loof AKA Spikey Pineapples): Instagram

Fisher: Instagram


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3 comentarios

12 nov 2019

Off topic but THANK YOU for writing your amazing series! I just finished binging both book and every post I could find. It’s amazing!

Me gusta

09 nov 2019

Aw damn i didnt know there was Gas station inktober promps. October is over, but im still gomna do some for fun.

Me gusta

08 nov 2019

The drawing were amazing. I wish I could draw.

Me gusta
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