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Halloween Kaidan Contest

Hey y'all,

We are now halfway through the spookiest month of the year. On the one hand, I'm sad that my favorite season is half over. But on the other, we're only half a month away from my favorite day of the year. This really is a classic optimist/pessimist situation, isn't it?

I hope however you celebrate this fall season, you all have a great and (relatively) safe time doing so. For us members of the Gas Station Crew, we will once again be joining the Snake's Paw Podcast to recreate an online Kaidan.

If you missed last year's event, allow me to summarize: The Kaidan is a game based on a Japanese ghost-summoning ritual where a group of people get together and tell a bunch of short scary stories. Last year, we took this game to the internet. We received a bunch of great and weird tales from readers, friends, and strangers, and put them together in a compilation.

We're hoping to repeat the game this year. And you can (and should) help us out! What we need are short scary stories, told by you. They can be completely true, entirely made up, or anywhere in between. The only rule is that it is your own story (no copyright infringement, please - the ghosts hate that).

To submit a story, all you have to do is make a recording and send it to the Snake's Paw at with "Kaidan" in the subject title. No professional audio recording equipment necessary - you can use your phone or computer mic, or whatever else you have lying around. We're shooting for no longer than two minutes per story, but there is always a bit of wiggle room.

What's in it for you? Well, other than being part of a ghost-summoning ritual and having your story immortalized on the internet, we will be entering everyone who submits a story into a drawing for a signed copy of any one of the books in the Tales from the Gas Station series!

Quick facts:

-The winner of the drawing will be picked at random.

-There's no guarantee that every entrant will be included in the Kaidan compilation.

-You can submit as many stories as you like! (Only one entry for the drawing per person, though)

-We have never successfully summoned a ghost (to our knowledge).

-Submissions close in one week! 10/22/2023

If you want some inspiration, click here and here for last year's Kaidan submissions.

And as always, love y'all.



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