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12/10/18 Newsletter

Heya folks.

I know it's been a quiet week, but I've been rather busy behind the scenes, polishing up part 12 of the "How Did we Get Here?" story arc for NoSleep (you know, the one I said I was going to finish like two weeks ago?), working on the sequels to the book, stealing the Mona Lisa and replacing it with a high-quality counterfeit, and sitting down for an interview with the amazing mods over at NoSleepInterviews.

Normally, these weekly updates are where I take the time to answer your questions, but this week I think it would be much more appropriate to point you to the interview, where I do just that. I also play the "story game" with the NSI mods, recount some of the most terrifying events of my life, delve into my writing processes, and decide on what kind of fruit fills me with irrational anger (spoiler: It's pomegranates. Of course.)

If you want to know a little bit more about what makes me tick, then follow this link to the interview:

I will return next week to answer all those questions you guys already asked. In case there's something new that you want to know that hasn't already been asked and wasn't in the interview, leave me a comment and I'll maybe possibly think about answering it in next week's post.

Until next time...


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