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12/03/18 Newsletter

Hey everybody.

Can you believe I've actually managed to stay on track and do this weekly newsletter on time three weeks in a row now?! Crazy, huh?

Before I get to your questions from last week, I should give you all a quick update on a few of my current projects in a little segment I'm going to call...


(working title, subject to change, open to suggestions)

First off, I'm super excited to announce that Mr. CreepyPasta and I are officially joining forces once again to make "Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One" into an audio book. We don't have an official release date yet, but MCP has already started the recording process. We'll be releasing on Audible, Amazon, and I-Tunes. More details coming as soon as I get them.

Secondly, I've got an interview coming up soon with the team over at NoSleepInterviews, where I will be baring what is left of my soul. Considering that I've never had an interview before that wasn't with a potential employer or a police officer, I'm honestly a little nervous... My main goal is to get through the whole thing without embarrassing myself too badly. It should be enlightening, at the very least.

What else? I guess maybe we should talk about the elephant in the room... So, this most recent blog arc, "How did we get here?" has taken some unexpected turns. I've noticed a moderate uptick in my hate mail/death threats, and I can't help but draw a correlation. I guess all I can say is this: If you were upset after reading part 11, then you might want to sit down... because part 12 (the finale) is coming soon and it's going to be... so... much... weirder... In fact, you probably don't want to read part 12. Forget I even mentioned it.

Lastly, Tales from the Gas Station: Volume Two is still coming along. There's going to be a lot of new and weird stuff in there, and if my current blog posts and Reddit history haven't turned you off yet, this book just might do it. Still no official release date yet, but you will all know right after I do.

Okay, now on to your questions:


Questions for Jack

Will we ever get to know what happened on Halloween? by Anarkinky:

Well, first let me say how awesome your username is.

And yes. You can find out exactly what happened on Halloween right now! The dreaded Halloween story is one of several Gas Station Tales that can be read exclusively in my debut novel: "Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One."

What kind of music do you listen to? by reneestevenson098:

I listen to whatever the people around me are listening to.

Sorry for the boring answer, but I don't usually go out of my way to seek out any kind of music. On long car rides, I listen to podcasts and talk radio. And the only CD I own is the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack.

I have listened to a Louis Armstrong mixed tape about a million times, but that's just because it's stuck in my cassette player and I don't feel like paying to get it removed.

Oh, and of course, there's this song.

Why didn't you sell the gasstation? You don't seem too have known the owners very well, and you didn't care about working your way up the ladder. What changed? by lars.bergesen:

I didn't like the way Doctor Howard talked to my friends.

How's Jerry doing? by eimineliana:

Oh boy... uh... ask me again in about a week.

What happened to Carlos? by rebekahwashington17:

Excellent question! It's actually a long story, but I do explain it in the book.

If you had one superpower what would it be? by ur mom gay:

The ability to make anyone happy whenever I wanted.

I can’t believe I fell for that video. Anyway have the gnomes done anything crazy lately? I’m always worried about them. by Evan Poe:

I actually walked in on the gnomes doing this the other day. But besides that, I've gotten into the habit of just ignoring them.

I wonder what happened to the man who used to stand creepily outside the gas station every 3am. by perez.maryjoy:

That's also addressed in the book! (kinda)


I'll probably be back to answer more questions next Monday. If there's anything special you'd like to know (or any birthday shoutouts), leave me a message below and I might get to it.

As always, thanks for your time and watch out for mimics. They're everywhere, and they look just like us, and they want to kill you and drink your blood. Never let your guard down. Don't let them know you suspect them. You see that guy? The one right over there? NO, don't look! You don't want him to know you're watching him. But I'll bet you anything that he's one of them. Just look at him... the way he's pretending to be a human. It's pathetic, I tell ya. Oh man, you can't trust anyone! You can't even trust me! You can't even trust yourself! Oh god, we're doomed! We're all doomed!!!

See you next week!



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Dec 07, 2018

I just finished your book and I cannot wait for the second one. I may or may not have “binge read” it.

Dec 06, 2018

I hope you continue making more stories because we truly enjoy your tales. Also what are your thoughts about making movie/animation version of your stories?


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Evan Poe
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If you had spend a night in a locked, windowless room with either Spencer Middleton and Doctor Howard, who would you choose and why?


Why does Spencer hate you so much? You seem like such a nice guy.

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